Shoutout to My Nail Biting Readers!

I used to be one of those girls who bit my nails when I was nervous, or just plain bored. One day I looked down at my nails and realized how ugly they looked. It was that day that I decided to grow them out and stop biting them. The way that I went about this was by painting my nails. I noticed that when i painted my nails I didn`t bite them cause I didn`t wanna ruin my nail polish job that I had just done. Its been about two weeks and I`m super happy with the results. (And I can finally scratch when I have itches!) Its not hard to get over this habit if you just try your hardest and think about your results in thelong run. Hope this helps! Comment below on other topics you would like me to talk about or products you would like me to try to review or do a demo for. Thanks for reading! <3

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