Should The Demi Moore 911 Call Have Been Released?

Earlier today, the frantic 911 call Demi Moores friends placed to authorities was released for public consumption. Clocking in at more than ten minutes, the tape is heavily edited at parts, but it essentially confirms the basic parameters of what has already come out and features one very upsetting detail. At one point during the call, the speaker on the phone asks Ru for the address. Many have fingered the Ru in question as Demis own daughter Rumer, which, if true, adds another sad wrinkle to the story.

Regardless of who may or may not have supplied authorities with the information, the phone call is extremely upsetting and paints the picture of a woman whos a bit out of control. One of her friends cryptically references some past events she just found out, and theres an open admission of smoking on the tape. The whole thing can be heard over at TMZ, but the question is whether we, as members of the general public, should even have access to it. As has obviously become clear in the earlier portions of this article, I listened to the tape this morning, but admittedly, I felt a little squeamish doing so. Sensitive pieces of information like the stars address may have been bleeped, but I was still listening to a frantic situation that potentially could have been life or death.

Under the California Public Records Act, the city was required to release the information. According to Entertainment Weekly, 911 calls are technically public record, but that doesn`t necessarily mean they should be. Does the public really have a right to know exactly what happened?

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