Should the Buckeyes be punished for violations committed by former coach?

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I sort of feel sorry for the Ohio State football players, fans, alumni and supporters. Here is a group of young men who have dedicated blood, sweat and tears on the gridiron and have so far gone through the season undefeated. This would be a great accomplishment except for the fact that the Buckeyes cannot go to a bowl game or be considered for the National Championship. The current team is being punished for NCAA rule violations committed by former coach Jim Tressel who is no longer with the team. What I don`t understand is how and why do you punish a group of young men who had nothing to do with the rule violations? This, to me is punishment aimed at the wrong person (or team)! The person who committed the violations is the one who should pay the piper and not this current team. That is like charging a person with a crime and then punishing them for that crime and they in fact had nothing to do with the crime. Ridiculous if you ask me. What do you think. Talk to me Luuuxer`s.
1) Do you think OSU should be punished for the crimes committed by a former coach?
2) Do you think the Buckeyes if they finish the season undefeated should be considered as a National Champion?


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