Should I start my own YouTube channel?

3 years ago

The video above comes from the YouTube channel of DormRoomDivas.

So, I`m thinking about starting my own YouTube channel. I would really enjoy making YouTube videos in my spare time this summer...The thing about it is, I don`t have a high quality video recorder. I plan on getting one maybe around Christmas time but, I will be busy with school! I have an iPad 2, which has decent video quality but, I just don`t think it would be reliable for doing YouTube videos...I`m just gonna have to take some time to really think and plan out everything before I get involved with YouTube. I don`t want my YouTube channel to be just some regular YouTube channel...I want it to be popular with a decent amount of subscriber! Well, my goal is to have a high quality video recorder and a YouTube channel with a couple videos by next summer. I will work my way up from there! In conclusion, what do you all think? Leave some helpful comments down below please!

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