Short sad but beautiful love story

6 years ago

Hey guys.
I just wanted to share this beautiful but sad story with you. (;

This story is about a beautiful girl living in a beautiful house together with her lovely family. She has everything she wishes for, including a loving boyfriend. The girl has everything and shines from day to day. Except, she isnt really as happy as she looks. From the inside she is continuously crying. People think she loves life, even though she is blind, but she doesnt. She hates herself for being blind. Her boyfriend means more for her than anything else and she wants to marry him, but she cant, she just cant marry him without knowing how he looks. Everyone tells her it doesnt matter how he looks, they tell her he is gorgeous and that she should just marry him. Despite all they say to convince her, she doesnt want to marry him until she can see again. One day, would be the most beautiful day of her life; she gets donated a pair of new eyes, being able to see all the beauty of the world, including her adorable boyfriend. So the first moment she opened her eyes to look at her boyfriend, he asked, now that you can see the world and me, will you marry me? Every single person would have expected her to say yes, since the boy was incredulously beautiful and loving, but instead the girl was shocked and ran away in tears, leaving her beautiful boyfriend alone. Her boyfriend was blind too. This life was useless, all she wanted was her boyfriend, but she couldnt accept him like this. Her boyfriend wanted to come after her, he wanted to tell her no matter what she did, she had to take care of his eyes, but he was too late, the girl died on hour later because of an overdoses.

:( Soooo sad.

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