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Hey ladies!!! Just recently I went shopping for a prom dress, since Prom is coming up soon. For me, it`s actually May 4th. I`m really excited! Anyways, while I was shopping, I learned a few things:
1. Bring/wear a strapless bra (nude color would be best). While I was trying on dresses, it was really hard cause I had to tuck the straps into the dress and that leaves no support for the girls, and you really want to get an idea of what the dress is going to look like on that big night.
2. Bring your own pair of high heels so you get an idea of what the dress will look like height wise when you`re trying them on. It sucks when you have to try on shoes that are in the store and don`t even fit you.
3. Have patience! You`re not always going to find the dress right away. I probably tried on 30 dresses when I went dress shopping last week, and went to 2 stores and STILL haven`t found my dress yet.
4. Relax! You`re going to find the dress, don`t worry. While I was dress shopping, I was so worried that I wouldn`t find the dress, and someone else will find my perfect dress and I won`t ever find it. Don`t worry about it, it`ll be there when you get there.
5. Bring a guy friend and/or a friend that you can trust to be straight up honest with you on what you wear. I was trying on some dresses that my little brother told me I looked ridiculous in and I was so glad that he told me that, because I wouldn`t of known otherwise, and you don`t want to look bad on your big night.
6. Take time to think your decision through. Most dress stores will hold dresses up to 24 or 48 hours. You can have them hold it (make sure to take pictures of you in the dress), go to the food court or somewhere to get something to eat or drink, and look through all the dresses to make your final decision.

Remember, finding your dress for any event should be fun. Don`t make little things get in your way of having fun. I hope that this helped!

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