Shopping Tips: PromDress #2

Hey everyone!!
Yesterday I went to the mall to find my prom dress again, and experienced something that I`ve never experienced before. I was getting so frustrated since I could hardly find any dress shops and the ones that I found either had hardly any dresses, or they were too expensive for me. Also, every time I tried on a dress, I`d look at myself straight on (facing the mirror) and I felt like I looked fat since I gained SOME weight. I was getting so frustrated with myself that I just wanted to give up...I ended up choosing the dress that I already own and wore to my homecoming dance. But I learned a lot yesterday, and I wanted to share some tips with you because of it:
1. Remember to breath and keep an open mind. Just because one store doesn`t have a lot of dresses, doesn`t mean there`s others out there that might have some.
2. Keep an open mind and try on dresses that you didn`t think that you`d try on. You never know when it`ll look better on you than on the rack.
3. Look at yourself in the mirror in different angles. Looking at yourself straight on might make you think you look fat, but you`re really not. The dress might just shape you in a different way than you think and you need to look at all the angles.
4. Take a break. If you`re getting frustrated, walk away and come back later. Shopping is supposed to be fun, not treated like a chore.
5. Consider all the options. You never know if "the dress" is right in your closet. So if you can`t find the dress in the mall, before looking else where, maybe you should go back to your closet and try stuff on again.

I hope that these tips help you as much as they helped me. :)


**my own picture. I`m the one in the black dress**

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