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4 years ago

If you follow my posts, you may have noticed that I have been obsessed with fashion lately. Its just that time of year. I try to go shopping once every season to pick up some new pieces for my wardrobe. I also have my birthday in September and of course Christmas in December, and I ALWAYS ask my mom and husband for clothes. I just cant help myself... so once the Fall/Winter hit I am always in the mood to shop!

I wanted to talk a little bit about how to successfully shop sales! I love walking into my favorite store and seeing the sign that says "40% off your entire purchase." Oh man do I get excited... and sometimes I go a little too crazy. BUT shopping sales does have its downside as well. When things are cheap, you are more inclined to make impulse purchases of things you dont really need! You also may get into the mind set of buying as much as possible rather than looking for higher quality pieces (I`m guilty of that...).

When shopping (sale or not) it is important to go for quality rather than quantity. Yes, we all LOVE the feeling of walking out of the store with a nice and full shopping bag... but, in the long run we will be happier with a few nice pieces rather than a bunch of junky things.

I speak from experience on that one... :)

It is also important to be fliexible. If you go into a store one day, you dont have get anything (ahhhh but its so hard not too!!!). What I like to do is put my email address on my favorite stores mailing list. That way I am notified of upcoming sales! My sister-in-laws as me all the time- where did you find that cute shirt?! or where did you get that great deal?! I tell them that I checked back with the store several times until I found something I liked.

Basically if you dont like it- dont get it just because you feel like you need to get something. I have looked at my closet so many times and found tons of impulse buys that I NEVER use and think to myself... gosh, I could have spent that money on something much nicer!

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