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4 years ago

I will include pictures from both the site and myself to compare.

I recently purchased a wig because I wanted to give my real hair a break from styling and dyeing it. I was watching a YouTuber and she was vlogging about extensions that she had punched from

I went onto the site and I fell in love instantly with a wig named Long Corn Hot Fluffy Waves Wig Deep Brown 1, kind of a long name but whatever. I knew right away I wanted it though I have never owned a wig before I thought that this one would be a nice starter because it was pretty cheap ($39.95).

So I ordered it on 10/19/2012 using PayPal (I always feel safer that way) and got my receipt. I was super excited for it but eventually forgot about it like I do with anything.

The site is based in China and I shop internationally all the time so I didn`t really mind that. I waited until 10/27/2012 (8 days later) before I got nervous. It hadn`t been shipped yet and usually things are shipped with in a few days (1-3) so I thought I had been ripped off.

Naturally I opened a PayPal dispute and the next day I received an e-mail from Hairextensionsale stating they were sorry and they would get their shipping department on my order and that they would ship it soon. I decided to wait a little more.

My items eventually shipped on 11/6/12, about 18 days after I`d ordered them. That was very annoying but I was excited to be getting my items which they had upgraded to rush. It arrived at my door 11/9/12 using DHL (who I have never heard of but my grandmother had assured me that they have been around for a while but she thought they had gone out of business), so that much was impressive since I never used rush delivery before.

In my order I got the wig as I mentioned, a metal comb, a wig cap and a wig stand. The wig cap and stand are pretty standard, no complainants on that. However the comb was different than the picture on the site and the wig is a shade darker than the picture. The wig is also a little small but it fits (I have a big head so it wasn`t that big of a shock). The wig also sits a little weird on my head and the bangs aren`t as full as the picture had suggested.

Over all I am unimpressed with this company. I would give it a 4/10 and only because they did upgrade me to rush shipping and I did get my items eventually. Remember to use your best judgement when shopping online and always stay safe.

- Brittany <3

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