Shopping like I got no bills.

4 years ago

Yesterday was my day off so I went shopping!! I knew I shouldn`t have. But I did. I went out to San Jose, which is about an hour away, but I wanted to get out of town at least for the day.

On my way to San Jose I stopped at TJ Maxx. I`ve been wanting a Michael Kors purse for a while so I stopped there to see if they had any I would like.

No luck on the purse, but I did find something Michael Kors!

A watch! Woot! It has a white link strap. The face of it is a white opal/shell color. You can`t see the iridescent in it until you move it a certain way, so it basically looks plain white. It has square crystals all around the face of the watch.

I knew I didn`t really need another watch, but I have been wanting a white one. Then I look at the price...ready? $79!!!! I didn`t think twice when I saw the price, I told the lady "ok I`m ready to pay for it" haha. A $79 Michael Kors watch?? Really? I couldn`t pass that up!

After leaving TJ Maxx I made my way to San Jose and went to my favorite mall, Valley Fair. I went to Macy`s and looked at the Betsey Johnson jewelry. What do I see!? The watch I`ve been wanting! Except they had the gold one and I wanted the white one. I would have settled for the gold, but I REALLY had been wanting the white one. I almost bought it, but remembered that the mall has a Betsey Johnson store so I wanted to check there first before I bought the gold one.

As you can see I got my white one!!! The Betsey Johnson store had the white one. It`s a white patent leather strap with the rose gold face and hardware. The numbers are arranged in a spiral form...sooooo cool!

I knew I shouldn`t have gotten it, I mean I had JUST bought the MK one a couple hours prior, but I have been looking for this watch and never wanted to order it online.

I feel a little guilty getting both. I can (and should) spend that money elsewhere. Ahhh, but really, $79 for an MK watch?! Would you pass it up? The Betsey one is not going back at all! The MK one is the one I`m debating. Aahhhhh, but it was such a good deal!

Have you gotten two watches in one day?
Would you return one?

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