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Wigs have once again become popular, and it`s no surprise as to why.

As a cosplayer myself, I can tell a quality wig from a cheap halloween wig and sometimes, the best quality ones look so natural you can`t even tell.

Wigs are great because they offer the possibility to change your hair color and style without a long term commitment, they`re relatively inexpensive if you don`t shop for human hair, and come in a variety of styles and price ranges.

Types of wigs are:
halloween "party" wig: usually found at shops around halloween time or costume shops. The quality is cheap and the plastic fibers are baked into their shape. They can work in a pinch, and sometimes can look decent if you take care of it. Quality colors are limited.

kanekellon: this is a low-grade heat resistant and takes to water styling best. Can use low levels to no heat on it. Price ranges from 10-30$ and you can find them easily on ebay.

Tokyolon: This is a step above in quality, but I can`t say the difference really.

Hiperlon Fiber: This is the highest quality heat resistant fiber available on the market, and not many places stock it as it is not made in China. It has virtually no sheen and is able to be styled at heats up to 420 degrees. Hiperlon is coarser than powerlon and henlon, but incredibly durable and we find it easiest to manage and maintain. Hiperlon takes very well to dye, products, and styling.

Powerlon Fiber: Powerlon is most often blended with hiperlon to increase the types of colors and the natural look of the wigs. It is softer than hiperlon but coarser than henlon, and takes very high heats relatively well. Many popular Japanese wig sellers have wigs made mostly of this fiber.

Henlon fiber, or Chinese heat resistant fiber: Most every heat resistant wig on ebay are made of this type of fiber. It has a high sheen on it and a very smooth, almost wax-like appearance. This is the cheapest, lowest quality type of heat resistant fiber, and the most readily available. Henlon fiber does not take well to dye, or products when styling, due to its very waxy surface, and is not as easy to comb out when tangled. This fiber has low durability and a much shorter lifespan.

"But where can I BUY these elusive wigs?"
Well, there are multiple wig sellers available, and for all sorts of price ranges, ebay is a common place to purchase low cost wigs, but do your research on quality sellers (I`ll make another post on this!).
Arda-Wigs is a quality wig shop as well and made for head sizes "larger than 23 inches!", these wigs don`t suit small framed faces or heads very well, but if you don`t mind altering and sewing, then why not give them a shot.
Epic Cosplay Wigs and Gothic Lolita Wigs are both popular for basic styles and colors and lolita-esque wigs.
The Five Wits is great for character wigs from popular shows like My Little Pony, Homestuck, Sailor Moon, and more!

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