Shopping for Sandals that Flatter Your Frame

3 years ago

There are some types of shoes that look better on you. No matter what style you like or dislike, there are some designs that are more flattering depending on the size of your foot or calf. Women shopping for summer footwear to go with their plus sized fashion choices know that your choice of sandal can either make or break your entire outfit. So how do you find the best style to suit your frame? You look for a bit of advice and learn what works best for your unique personal style and shape. We went looking for some of the best tips we could find for plus sized fashion mavens. If you are looking to make a splash this year with your summer style, consider some of our tips before you head out to shop.
Sandals to Minimize If you have larger feet you are probably familiar with the challenge of finding both a comfortable fit as well as a shoe that doesnt look too utilitarian. In other words, just because you require a somewhat structured shoe does not mean that the sandal has to look masculine or unflattering. Often times women with larger shoe sizes tend to go with more simple styles hoping to keep it plain, and unnoticeable. Why draw attention to something many women feel is a flaw? When it comes to making your feet look smaller, the opposite is true. Rather than choosing plain sandals in darker colors explore more interesting Dont be afraid to go for some of the more loud and vibrant sandals available. They will not make your feet look bigger or draw more attention to them in a negative way but rather everyone will be asking you where you bought the fabulous shoes. So let other women be the shrinking violet when it comes to footwear. You are entitled to have a little fun too and embrace the seasons trends. Nothing is more flattering than a woman who feels beautiful in her fashion choices.
Sandals to Elongate Short Legs Women with shorter legs are notorious for wearing high heel sandals often. Despite the fact that heels add an extra spicy flair to any outfit, the elevated structure of the heeled sandal creates the illusion of a much longer leg. By pointing the toe forward, the length of the calf appears to be longer and height adds a certain slimming effect. The net result? You will look taller, your legs will look leaner and you will feel comfortable and even glamorous despite the heat. How is that for looking and feeling great! Try to avoid straps that go higher than the ankle bone or the gladiator style of sandal. The higher the straps travel up the calf the shorter and the heavier the leg will appear. When choosing sandals with an ankle strap, try to stick to a narrow strap which also helps keep foot and leg size in balanced proportion.
Quick Tips Stay away from dark colors Avoid thick straps that go above the ankle A small heel helps to make your legs look both longer and more slim Buy what you like. Summer is a time for fun!

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