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Have you ever shopped at a Sears Outlet? I`ve been to the regular Sears Department, but never a Sears Outlet. I`ve heard a lot about Sears Outlet selling discounted/new items with slight defects like a dent or scratches on refrigerators, washing machines, dryers to stoves or there is an abundance/over stock of items, last seasons items / returns that get sent to Sears Outlet. I don`t know what the case is, but my boyfriend and I decided to drop by to see if they sold a George Foreman Grill. We weren`t in luck of finding a George Foreman Grill, but we did come across awesome deals! The entire store is literally Buy 1, Get 1 Free (all the items are extremely affordable, I don`t recall seeing any of the clothing items more than $15?), the brands are Kmart/Sears brands along with other popular names like Joe Boxer, Hanes, New Balance, Carter`s and etc. They also had a $4 or less clearance deal going on too!

My boyfriend and I was able to purchase (2) baby toddler tank tops for my nephew, 6 pairs of New Balance black socks and 4 pairs of Hanes white socks for only $6.75 including tax!

Price breakdown:

- New Balance Socks (originally$17) on sale for $5
- Hanes Socks (originally$17) on sale for $5
[They have a Buy1, Get 1 free promotion, so both socks were just $5 bucks that`s just 50 cents per pair of socks! I went around looking for women`s socks but they were all sold out!]

- 2 cute baby toddler tank tops were on clearance. Both comes out to be $5 then 75% off = $1.25 which equals to be about 62 cents each tank!

What a deal, so if you`re in need of expensive simple clothing articles I would recommend Sears Outlet. They also had mattresses for 70% off, I came across a King Size Bed originally $300 for only $80 bucks ~ great for those on a budget!

Have you ever shopped at Sears Outlet? This was my boyfriend`s and I`s first time at Sears Outlet. We would probably come back for socks in the future!

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