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If you like Pandora or Troll Beads bracelets, then you`ll love these lovely creations from`>Cutey.
Cutey is a jewellery online store which sells cheap but nice quality charm bracelets and also the so-called Shamballa bracelets, which have been quite popular lately. I received two charm bracelets to review (no money for it, only my honest opinion, as always) and I must say I am pleasantly impressed. They`re actually really nice quality, they have a nice weight, they look and feel pretty good. The concept behind these charm bracelets is similar to Pandora`s or Troll Beads`s, as I said: you get a basic silver chain bracelet and you can customize it with different glass or silver charms. On Cutey, you find pre-customized bracelets, but the beads can be changed and moved; and if you buy more than one charm bracelet, you can then exchange the beads. They are very secure too, as they come with a `stopper`, with the writing cutey on it, which prevents the other charms to fall off the chain once you open the bracelet. They open exactly like the Pandora bracelets, with a jewellery clasp, simple to open and close, and not too noticeable. I`ve tried the
Typhon, which comes with nice blue, pink and yellow glass beads, and a couple of nice silver charms, a little purse and stars. The other one is called
Aether and it`s all pink and silver based. They`re both very cute and as I said you can put all the charms on one bracelet or move some of them to the other bracelet and customize them as you want, every time you want. The price range is reasonable, as most of the products retail for £12.99, and the most expensive ones are £ 14.99. You pay for what you get, oviously, so don`t expect expensive or luxury items, but nice stuff. I can speak for the Shamballa bracelets, but I believe they are very nicely made too! The customer service is really good, I spoke to Ashley and she`s been super nice to me. They ship internationally, so you can place your order no matter where you live. Make sure to check their website and support them!
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