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4 years ago

I usually am not a fan of wearing rings but then, as time passed by I started to like wearing them but not on a daily basis. I decided to purchase some rings on Shoplately by Glint & Gleam and I am pleased with most of the items I got.

<strong>Skull Rhinestone Ring "Gold"</strong>
- That is not the correct name of this item because it`s a product I got for free from this purchased. It was a gift to me for placing a few orders already and that is kind of them. It`s a nice ring and it`s adjustable so I am please I got this as a free gift because I usually won`t buy a ring like this.

<strong>Fanned Wing Ring "Gold"</strong>
- Purchased: $5.50; Retails: Not Sure
- It isn`t on the website anymore, so I am unsure of the retail price. It really is a beautiful ring and it looks like a double ring type but it`s not. I love the multi-colored rhinestones in between the wings, very pretty.
- Stretchable? Yes
- Recommend? Yes

<strong>Symmetrical Skull Ring "Silver"</strong>
- Purchased: $6; Current Price: $10; Retails: $18
- It`s a nice skull ring which faces opposite directions. Their eyes is made of rhinestones and it`s a nice ring.
- Adjustable? Yes
- Recommend? Yes, if you like skulls.

<strong>Sparkling Spike Accent Ring "Hematite"</strong>
- Purchased: $6; Current Price: $7.50; Retails: $18
- I love how edgy this ring is and it is one of my favorite ring I got from this haul. I love the small spike on each end and how it is encrusted with small black rhinestones.
- Adjustable? Yes
- Recommend? Yes

Overall, I am really pleased with my haul of rings and the fact I got a free product as well is a plus.

<em>Have you ever gotten any rings from ShopLately yet?
What do you think of the rings that I got? Which one do you like?</em>

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