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So I have been addicted to this website that is new, it`s called "Shopcade". I don`t know I you guys have heard of it, but if you have, whts your shopcade link!? I would love to see your Shopcade!

If you don`t know what Shopcade is, well your in luck. I`m here to fix that! And possibly get you to join! Just to put out there.. I am in NO WAY payed or anything to get you to join. Just simply my opinions and want to share the news on this amazing website I am addicted to! Lol

Shopcade is this website that you have to join under your Facebook account. No it will not spam your feed or your friends with a bunch of crap from shopcade, if only you select "don`t allow" when the little window comes up.

You simply join, and you can add things to your personalized Shopcade! Yours! No sharing! You can add anything from garden stuff to beauty and fashion! I personally have little categories I have made to sort all my added things into sections to make it easier for others to look through! You can add from your feed and from other people! When you join you automatically get 500 shopcade points, and you can earn an additional 3 points per item you add. You get 10 points for following someone, and 20 points when someone follows you!

But, there are the downfalls. You can only add up to 90 points of items daily.. Of course you can add more things, you just won`t get the additional points after the 90.

But! You get an extra 50 points for logging on everyday! And your point limit will restore back to 0 so you can earn another 90 points in adding items each and every day!

The most awesome part about this site is, you can buy from your shopcade or others shopcade. When you buy from someone`s shopcade; for instance, me. I would get the 10 cents or however much the percentage is of the item you are buying, and you get the 10 cents. Over time you can either cash out and Recieve a cash or check in the mail with the money you have earned, or you can continue to save! Fully customizable Shopcade!

I hope you guys join! It`s pretty awesome! I`ll leave my link at the end for my shopcade! Enjoy! Thanks!

My shopcade:

Photo is not mine, found on google. Review is mine.

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