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I can see clearly everyone is upset, and I actually have not seen one positive comment about this new shop. Now I have had my rant on a couple of posts. Click /viz/luuux-shop-relaunch-changes to read my comment and others. First I can going to talk about the
Luuux gift email Now I have read a LOT of members have not received this email, and I honestly thought I would not be an exception, but I have. Now I am not sure if this is because I have sent an email regarding the shop earlier last year, or because I had been a member for more than a year, or even sheer luck.
ADDRESSING THIS I have accepted the gift.
The gift was either a set of Luuux brushes (Which is now extremely pricey in the shop) or an extra 9,120 luuux Now BEFORE anyone says that I am using luuux or anything like that (Not sure if anyone would, but who knows.) I am simply getting back a bit of what I deserve. SAYING THIS does not mean YOU don`t deserve it, and I would email luuux about it if you have been a member for more than a couple of days, they should give it to you. I CHOOSE the luuux because I am now not sure if shipping would be free with the brushes (one of the changes in the shop, but now sure if it applies here) and If I want my Sigma package I better get my butt moving. (Considering BEFORE changes I was $1000 luuux away.) (also the luuux was added to my account as soon as I sent the email saying that I wanted it) What we all do need to understand (And I am currently trying to grasp terms with it) is that LUUUX is a business with real people and employees. BUT saying this, we are luuux in itself, without US luuux would be nothing. And because of the recent shop changes it is making them less unpopular. BUT if we stay and strive through this, it will help Luuux earn more popularity, and that means traffic and more money for luuux. And even more advertisers. BUT WE HAVE TO STAY ON LUUUX TO DO SO! And if all this happens, it means the shop prices SHOULD GO DOWN!
MORE WAYS TO EARN LUUUX? I have been on luuux for a while now, I am for sure not the oldest member, but neither am I the newest. I know we have out post limits, and comment and rate limits. But because of the price changes, this needs to be changed to a more SUITABLE amount. I think 250 comments and rates a day would be fair, it seems like a lot but everything has either tripled or more in the shop! ALSO I also think they should start asking people to help get rid of spam. I KNOW they have moderators for that, but there are only few, and they have lives and might miss some. NOW I would happily do it for free to see luuux become a better sight, reporting does nothing now. I think I will try and start sending more links to moderators so they can delete it. WE NEED TO KEEP LUUUX SPAM FREE! (Saying this I don`t mean any body and everybody could remove spam, because some people would abuse the use. But maybe people could apply who have been here for a while. Luuux could even pay them in luuux!) I also read the luuux was now going to create new ways to earn luuux. Personally I hope these are competitions or something like that, that would be fun, and lead more people to the website.
SOCIAL MEDIA LUUUX!? They have a facebook, twitter and all that type of stuff. But I think they need to get an luuuxer or even luuuxers who can create videos that have something to do with luuux and post it on a youtube channel! This means more advertising for free! VIDEOS COULD BE THINGS LIKE : hauls, tips & tricks, new updates, fun tutorials and also reviews! Anything revolving luuux! I have a million and one more thoughts, but it is late where I live and I should really get into my luuuxing. Although you may feel scammed off luuux, look at the bright side :) I have had my angry rant, but I am looking at different more positive outcomes! Luuux has been a good site that I have redeemed a prize off once, and I hope to make my second. On registering for luuux my intention was to earn prizes, but now it is to hopefully make friends and expand my blogging skills! I will respond to any comment and question below! Ask away! I will do my best to respond even though I am not an official luuux member! (picture IS mine)

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