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3 years ago

I feel like I have not posted on LUUUX in forever. Actually it has been 6 months to be exact (that`s pretty close to forever).

As I was clicking the checkout button for what seems to be my 100th pair from JustFab, I realized that it would be a good idea to make a list of all of the purchases I have made from this site and share my thoughts on each pair with you. The majority of these shoes are probably no longer available on their site but a lot of their shoes are similar in style and quality that I thought it would still be a good idea to let you know what I think of these shoes.

First of all, I LOVE JustFab. However, if I could change one feature on their site it would be the $39.95 charge they apply to the credit card you have on file if you forget to skip that month. I don`t know about you, but some of us are too busy to be bothered by something like that. The best way to avoid these charges every month if purchasing a pair of shoes for that month is not in your budget, would be to set up a reminder on you computer or phone or to simply cancel your account.

Each pair of shoes from JustFab is $39.95. First time members get 50% off their first order!


I just purchased these beauties today and already, I am thinking of outfits I am going to pair them with. Cobalt blue is one of my most favorite colors for the Fall and these will be the perfect pop of color some of my neutral outfits will need. The style of these shoes reminds me of something that Zara would sell which made me want to get these shoes all the more. I will not be able to review these today, due to the obvious fact that I barely ordered them.


I am not going to lie, although these shoes are super cute and I have received tons of compliments on them everytime I wear them, they HURT my feet! I think it has to do a lot with the fact that these shoes run about 1/2 a size too small. If you are willing to sacrifice your feet in order to look stunning then go for these otherwise I would stay clear. It`s somewhat of a disappointment since these are so versatile and would look great with everything.


These shoes are stunning. In person, the color is slightly darker than what you see on the screen but they are beautiful nonetheless. Surprisingly, they are also very comfortable. I purchased these shoes last December and I found them perfect for my Winter outfits. Oxblood is another one of my favorite colors for the Fall and Winter and these shoes are the perfect subtle pop of color. These are great even if you are someone who generally only wears black shoes because the color of these is rich enough to pass for a neutral. The fabric of these shoes looks like real suede.


Sigh, these are stunning. They are the perfect rocker chic pump. I love that the shoe is slightly pointy and that it has a ankle strap that actually fits my skinny ankles (hello chicken legs!). I wore these to my aunt`s wedding this past weekend which was held at a ranch. I danced for hours in these shoes and they did not tire my feet at all. Which is quite shocking especially since they are about 4.5 inches tall! However, I completely ruined them! One of the ankle straps came off and I ended up scuffing the heel. I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to wear my brand new shoes to a ranch wedding. I do recommend these. Just don`t wear them to a Ranch.


These are hot! Unfortunately, I am already pretty tall (5 `5`), so these shoes make me look gigantic. My husband is only 5 `9` therefore I try not to wear shoes that will make me tower over him when I wear them. But I love these nonetheless. They are pretty comfortable for a 5.5 inch pump. These shoes are perfect to wear with an edgy outfit or even with a overly feminine outfit (like lace). There is something I love about mixing punk rock pieces with girly ones. I have not worn these many times but I did rock them in Vegas this past January! The perfect Vegas shoe.


Out of all of the shoes I have mentioned, these are at the very top of my list. The style of these shoes (once again) reminds me of something that Zara would sell. I don`t know about you, but I LOVE Zara shoes. They are a little bit on the pricey side though, especially for something that is not designer. I receive many compliments every time I wear these shoes. I`ve even worn them out shopping with a friend and they didn`t murder my feet (as much). They look great with dresses as well as denim jeans. I just absolutely love these. The only thing I would change about these shoes would be the color. I would much rather prefer that they were all black rather than black and brown. But two toned shoes are very on trend right now.


There is not much I can say about this pair other than the fact that I didn`t like them. I ended up returning them after two weeks of contemplating on whether or not I should keep them. My husband thought they were pretty but I didn`t they flattered me.


These were the first two pairs I ordered from Justfab. I loved the style of these so much I ordered them in the two colors they had. I have worn both of these babies to death. They are really comfortable and I love the cap toe. Cap toe heels were really popular during the time I purchased these (I believe it was last September).

Have you made any JustFab purchases recently?

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