Shoes from the Philippines

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I recently went to the Philippines in March and I must say..they have great prices! I mean yeah I guess since dollars are worth more in the philippines so I guess that`s part of the reason why things were a little bit easier to purchase. I explored different malls and I saw so many amazing shoes. I found shoes that were pretty pricey or equivalent to shoe prices here in the states. However, I refused to purchase anything too expensive or something that I can easily purchase here. I went ahead and purchased some shoes that were around 350-600 pesos at most. That is probably like 10-18 dollars. I don`t quite remember but definitely nothing over 20! I was so happy that I had a chance to purchase shoes. My main focus were shoes because shoes are pricey here in America so might as well take advantage of the price in the Philippines. They are extremely comfortable too. The great thing about the Philippines is you`re able to bargain. So the teal colored shoe I got to bargain for 300 instead of buying it for 350. Very proud of myself :`) haha. Anyways, I`m glad you guys enjoyed this and maybe some of yall will be interested in going to the Philippines. Thanks! Danica <3

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