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2 years ago

My favorite pair of boots have been in my life for a few years now and they`re getting to the point where they`re finally falling apart. I brought them on a trip with me this past weekend and had to finally admit to myself that I need to start looking for a replacement pair - but don`t get me wrong, I`ll wear this pair until they completely and utterly fall apart, lol. So I hit up a ton of different stores looking for boots that were the same or similar enough to be a replacement. I found my answer in Sears of all places!

Sears truly isn`t a store I often go to, so I was very surprised to find quite an impressive shoe stock there. The boots I picked up were marked down to $49.99 which is a little more than I was looking to spend, but ultimately okay with me because I had visited a ton of stores and hadn`t found anything worthwhile. I knew that if I didn`t get these ones, I`d regret it. They`re on the lighter brown side which is what I was looking for and have a really cool diagonal zipper up the outside (purely for aesthetics) and buckle detailing near the bottom. They`re fairly close-looking to my current favorite boots so I knew theses ones would come home with me! And as I was looking at these new boots, another pair of shoes also caught my attention...

I noticed this leopard pair of heels on the rack and just had to check them out. They`re gorgeous! They`re from the Kardashian Kollection (I honestly don`t even like the Kardashians but these shoes are awesome) and were marked down to $34.99. I tried them on and was in love! I wore them to work the next day and, I kid you not, have never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes in my life. They`re fantastic! :)

My previous post was about a pair of shoes I also got from Sears for my boyfriend, so overall Sears is definitely a place to check out if you`re looking for some new shoes. They have some great deals and excellent styles! It was never a place I really ever considered looking, but I`ll definitely be back more often to check it out!

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