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Everybody, stop what you are doing and watch this video. The Boston Bombings has been the top story within the past few days, but we can now confirm it was a hoax. Unlike the Oklahoma bombings, the Government cannot stop the thousands of videos and photos circulating around the web. You can`t just believe everything the mainstream media and government say, this is real proof that the Russians accused were double agents or were set up. The real people behind this were the Navy Seals. We do not know why, but the proof is all in this video. We need to share this around the internet and get Obama to confess what he is actually doing. We cannot trust the US government after this, Sandy Hook and Colorado shootings/ bombings. For more information go to and spread it around so that America and the rest of the world knows what is actually happening. As the people of the world, we need to make sure that the government aren`t controlling us and making us believe things that aren`t real.

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