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I have been needing a sunscreen for a while, ever since the sun started peeking out. We all know how important protecting your skin is from those harmful UV rays so I decided to splurge on a nice one from Sephora. I am so happy I did because this sunscreen has so many great things about it. First off, it`s not greasy. I hate that uncomfortable greasy feeling you get right after putting sunscreen on. With this sunscreen, I don`t feel greasy one bit. Second off, it absorbs into your skin really quickly. I don`t feel like it`s melting off as soon as I put it on because it really does feel like your skin has absorbed it almost right after you put it on. The third thing is that it smells pretty good. It doesn`t smell lilke your typical sunscreen, which was a nice suprise. I was very pleased about that. Another great thing about this sunscreen is that it doesn`t look like your wearing sunscreen. You know how sometimes you look at someone on the beach and you think "Oh. That girl over there ... You can see that she put on way too much sunscreen." No. Wrong. That girl over there didn`t put on too much sunscreen. She put on the wrong kind. With this sunscreen, nobody notices that I`m wearing it. I have so many great things to say about this sunscreen but I think one of the bigger things is that it isn`t sticky. At all. YOu know with some of the cheaper sunscreens, how you feel all sticky and sweaty after putting them on. With this one, you don`t. As I said before, it`s almost like your not really wearing sunscreen. The last thing I want to say about this sunscreen is that it works! It is SPF 60, which is pretty high. I stayed in the sun pretty much all day, reapplyed this sunscreen two times and didn`t get burnt. Which is pretty good considering I burn pretty easily.
I hope everyone likes this sunscreen just as much as I do because I really think everyone should try it. It is the best sunscreen I have ever used.

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