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5 years ago

I watched the BBC tv series "Sherlock" about a month ago and have been absolutely hooked. The second season hasn`t technically come out in the US yet, but I have a friend who was able to get it for me :) I`m currently anxiously awaiting the third season, but that`s quite a long ways away.

To fuel my love for the tv show, I decided to go ahead and order the 1st season on DVD so that I`d have a hard copy (I had watched it on Netflix, originally). Benedict Cumberbatch is irresistible as Sherlock Holmes! And I love how it takes place in modern day London. It`s a very interesting and entertaining take! I also decided to order the first Robert Downy Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie because I haven`t seen it since it was in theatres and I really enjoyed it. I actually watched it last night and loved it! Going to order the second movie soon :)

On top of my Sherlock Holmes-themed DVDs, I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a leather bound copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes! My boyfriend read the entire series/volumes a couple years ago and I`ve actually been meaning to do so myself. I figured now in particular was the perfect time since I`m on such a Sherlock kick! The book itself is absolutely gorgeous and I just started reading "A Study In Scarlet" today. LOVE IT! I know I`m definitely going to be glued to it for awhile, lol.

I`ve watched every episode of the BBC Sherlock at least twice (from both seasons), but I think I`ll start re-watching the first season again since I have the DVD of it now, lol. Every time I watch it I pick up on something new! If you`ve never seen it (it`s less popular here in the States, but worth every ounce of attention) I highly recommend it! SO GOOD! The first season is on Netflix if you`re interested and I believe the second season will begin airing on PBS in May or so.

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