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4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Over the weekend during my trip to Target, while browsing through the beauty section, i saw these Shea Moisture Soaps, initially the African Black Soap w/Shea Butter caught my eye because well, it`s a black soap bar, something i had never seen before ,anyway, on the little packaging it says it is for Acne Prone and Troubled Skin. The Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Soap says it is for brightening and toning, and it`s something i think is something i would like to try because who doesn`t want to feel like their skin is being toned and brightened with something we use daily like soap! Lastly, there was the Raw Shea Butter Soap, this is one is used for anti-aging, hydrating, and rejuvenating, now i don`t know about you guys/gals but anything that helps hinder the aging process is a great thing! Hydration and rejuvenation is also a great plus for dry skin! I haven`t tried any of these products but i have read some reviews and they are as usual 50/50 so i just have to try it myself, and i will get back to you guys with reviews! I almost forgot to mention, i did try to sniff them lol because scent is always something i expect from a soap, but i didn`t really find a particular scent to them, which was odd because they all have these, what would be strong scents, maybe they have to be wet? I don`t know i would have to see when i try them! --Have you tried any of these products? --If so, what was your experience with them? *Photos are Mine

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