Shaved Ice!

4 years ago

This past weekend I went with my husband & his friends to LA and we went to grab some shaved ice. This place was called "Class 302"..I don`t know why, but it was. The place was really small, and the set up was like an actual classroom. The workers wore school girl outfits, there was a chalkboard in the room, and the tables were desks put together. In some of the desks there were workbooks too. Anyway, there were 5 of us, and we just wanted to buy two shaved ice bowls to share since they were big, each one was $6.25 (not bad of a price) but the waitress told us that since there were 5 of us, we had to spend at least $15. So we had to order another dish that was $3 so we ordered a plate of pot stickers. I guess I understand why because for a small place they get busy and they don`t have the time or the space for people just to sit there and chill. Anyway, we ordered the strawberry and mango shaved ice, and the strawberry w/chocolate shaved ice. I didn`t get a chance to try the strawberry w/chocolate but the strawberry w/mango was so good. Best shaved ice ever! Didn`t even look or taste like shaved ice either, which probably was the best part. Even with 5 of us, we couldn`t finish it. Also the pot stickers were pretty good too.

This place is a must if anyone goes to LA. I havent tried shaved ice anywhere else, so...for me, this was pretty good.

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