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With 440 species, the shark is one of the most well known sea creatures in the world. Popular for their size, attacks, and their level of diversity, these animals rule the sea with their intimidation. Statistics show that in the last 339 years there have been a total of 1,049 shark attacks in the United States. The seriousness of most shark attacks has resulted in a widespread fear of sharks. Because of this, over one hundred million sharks are killed a year. Due to the enormous occurrence of killings in previous years, the shark population is decreasing faster than they can reproduce.

Henry David Thoreau, an author and poet stated I have no doubt that one shark in a dozen years is enough to keep up the reputation of a beach a hundred miles long. His opinion made a valid point. The human race relies so much on the mysteries said about the animal that we forget to understand how the creature works and functions. We forget that we are in their home taking up space. We forget that we often times look like prey swimming in the sea waiting to be eaten by the notorious animal. Although the reputation frightens many, it is highly exaggerated. Is it the large size, stealth movement, or vicious teeth that scare us humans? Or is it the legendary stories that cause us to panic? Maybe if all of us learned a little more about this amazing fish we would become a little less nervous to go in the ocean.

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