Shark Cupcake!

4 years ago

My apartment complex decided to celebrate Shark Week early and made these adorable shark cupcakes! They put them in the clubhouse so I went down and got one :) They were so cute! Shark Week is celebrating its 25th anniversary soon, so that`s why it`s such a big deal this year! And hey, free cupcakes are always awesome :)

The cupcake itself is vanilla. I love how they made the shark fin coming out of the water, lol. They used an oreo cut in half with icing on it as the shark fin and then placed it in the blue icing to make it look like it was breaking the surface of the water. Such a unique idea!

The only thing I didn`t entirely understand was why my apartment complex decided to celebrate Shark Week so early, lol. It doesn`t start for another couple of weeks, so it`s a bit odd that they decided to bake cupcakes and celebrate the 25th anniversary already. But I`m not complaining... cute cupcakes are always great! :D

<strong>*Image is my own!*</strong>

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