Share a Hot Spring with a Monkey

4 years ago

Japan is pretty famous for their hot springs. I got to try out a hot spring resort when I visited in high school and it was very, very relaxing. I didn`t, however, get to bathe with Japanese macaques, also known as "snow monkeys".

For visitors outside of Nagano in the Japanese Alps, there is the Korakukan Inn, which houses an outdoor hot spring. The hot spring is supposed to be reserved for Inn guests only, but the Japanese macaques did not get that memo. So, if you decide to go in for an early morning dip in the winter months, you will be sharing the springs with a few of these adorable snow monkeys.

These monkeys are quite accustomed to humans, so you don`t have to worry about them bothering you while you`re taking a relaxing dip. They won`t bite or anything. Do, however, make sure to keep your personal belongings safe, because they WILL run off with your things if you leave it unattended.

The Inn will cost about $110 a night, but it includes meals.

I am adding this hot spring to my bucket list. I don`t know how I feel about making my way to the Inn though. Apparently there is only a walking path and it`s a 1.25 mile walk. I guess that`s not too far, but in the winter months? It`ll feel like forever.

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