Shannons Walmart Haul!

5 years ago

This is my haul from Walmart which I had actually done earlier in the week, I just havent gotten around to posting it yet. I went to Walmart to get Benadryl and ended up going to TWO different Walmarts looking for a nail polish, which neither had. Oh, the irony haha. The trips werent in jest though because I did pick up goodies at both stores. I realize now, while typing this I forgot to take a picture of 2 of the things I purchased (the Benadryl and the movie In Time) because when I photographed the stuff the Benadryl was already put away and the movie was already being watched. Oh well!

So heres what I picked up:

- Equate Benadryl (not pictured)
- In Time DVD (not pictured)
- Better Homes and Gardens Blueberry Muffin scented wax cubes. <em>This smells HEAVENLY! I picked this up because I find these last a pretty good amount of time before the scent fades. I love putting food scented waxes in my kitchen I picked up the Spice Cake one around Christmas time and it smells fantastic I could smell it all the way upstairs, so they are aromatic.</em>
- Equate Cotton Swabs
- Sweetheart photo frame. <em>I snagged this because it was like $1.37, I figured I could put a photo of my boyfriend and I in it.</em>
- Gelatin 1300mg. <em>If I had known Walmart sold these Id have been buying them there instead of my local pharmacy! I LOVE these pills; theyve totally helped out my fingernail situation. Before I started taking these, my nails were breaking, chipping, cracking, peeling, etc. You name it, my nails were doing it. After taking these my nails are nice and strong. I do occasionally have a split, but thatll be because Ive damaged my fingernail in some way. The greatest part though? These were under $3 and I was paying almost $7 before.</em>
- Zinc 50mg. <em>I started taking these a few months ago. I have a weak immune system and my boyfriends mom swears by Zinc, so I just include this in my vitamin regiment and it might be a mind over matter thing, but I havent had a cold since Ive been taking Zinc. *knocks on wood*</em>
- B-12 1000 mcg. <em>I have to take these because I have a B-12 deficiency so I snagged a bottle before I ran out of what I had at home.</em>
- Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy nail polish. <em>I was searching for Hard Candy nail polishes and my boyfriend on his way to go look for something for himself saw the name of this shade and pointed it out to me saying I should have this. I am half Jamaican, so yeah . I called him an enabler because I have SO many polishes and he thinks my collection is cray-cray, but the name was cute, and fitting, so I grabbed it.</em>

So there you have it, my Walmart haul!

<strong>Have you picked up any goodies at Walmart as of late?</strong>

Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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