Shannons Valentines Day Themed Cupcakes!

5 years ago

These here are my Valentines Day themed cupcakes I made then frosted & decorated with my boyfriend. I originally planned on making 12 vanilla cupcakes, but I read the box, the side said makes 6, so I made six then the other side of the box said makes 12. A little misinformation there I think so. So I went ahead and made Devils Food cake cupcakes as well but I switched the mixture up. I added a can of coke zero to the batter and made my cupcakes with that. Ive made a cake out of a box of cake mix and a can of diet soda and it comes out really good! So I decided to give cupcakes a shot and they came out well minus my forgetting to spray the heart cupcake wrappers. Whoops!

My vanilla cupcakes came with vanilla frosting (that I had to make with a mixer), whereas for the chocolate I bought a container of milk chocolate cream frosting per my boyfriends request. I also picked up red gel writing to go along with the decorations.

We decided to make some half chocolate, half white frosted. Then my boyfriend turned them into ying-yangs (LOL), I wrote phrases on some as my boyfriend also did. Some of the drawings are hearts, xoxos, cupid, love bug, be mine, u & me, LOL (loves of love), Kiss Hug, XoXo, Lovebug (pet names haha), Love, I <3 U, etc. Some written with the vanilla frosting blended into a big blob of name, but for the most part I think we did a good job since neither of us are professional cupcake makers and we typically dont write on desserts.

Weve eaten one of these each tonight, well have one tomorrow, but were dropping some of these off to family to share the wealth because cupcakes are worth sharing!

<em>Do you make Valentines themed desserts for V-Day?
Do you like cupcakes?</em>

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