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4 years ago

Last week, my boyfriend surprised me with the Nook HD+! I was pretty pumped because I have been wanting a tablet/e-reader for some time now. I originally wanted the Kindle and my boyfriend went into Barnes & Noble not realizing that they only sold the Nook (he`s not an e-reader reviewer type of guy). So since he was there, he was checking out the Nooks they had and decided to get me the brand spanking new HD+.

I was playing with it in the car on the ride home and was pretty impressed. The screen is great - 9 inches. High definition. Pristine coloring. Pretty lightweight on the hands. There was a learning curve at first -- and that learning curve has continued for the past two weeks that I`ve had it. But I`ve been running into hiccups with it and I`m finding the Barnes & Nobles customer service is really for the pits.

From what I understand, the Nook is based on the Android platform, but the Barnes and Noble Nook software overrides it. I`ve been running into issues where when trying to download apps out of the Nook shop (ON my Nook) it`s in-turn downloading those apps onto my Android smartphone! I went into the Barnes & Noble store to get myself a case and a screen protector for the Nook HD+ and the folks who work in the store had no idea why my Nook was doing what it was doing. So we hard reset and I continued to run into problems. I contacted Customer Service on the internet and got absolutely no where -- basically being told I needed to call the customer support because my level of service was "escalated". I called customer service and the guy was dumbfounded as to why it was doing what it was doing. My nook was apparently bypassing the Nook Shop, going to the Google Play shop (the Android app market if you aren`t aware) and downloading whatever I requested ONTO my phone. Customer service kept telling me "You shouldn`t have access to the Google Play store..." and my response was, "I`m in the Nook shop, but I`m being pushed to the Google play based upon searching for Facebook, etc." I was then told by customer service Facebook and Twitter apps were not available in the market. When put on hold -- I found the Twitter app. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

I haven`t touched my Nook since then because it just aggravates me. Sometimes technology easily frustrates me and it`s safe to say I`m at that highly frustrated level. Since there`s a 30-day warranty available I`ve since decided I am going to be returning my Nook HD+ to Barnes and Noble either tomorrow or Friday. I think I`m going to go with the Kindle Fire HD or the Nexus 10 (which was just released yesterday!). My boyfriend and I are going to check out Best Buy and the mall to see what e-readers/tablets are out there and I`ll be picking out my new device for myself then.

I`m pretty bummed -- I wanted to fall in love with it, but issue after issue, I`m just frustrated and with customer service not being that fabulous, it`s just not worth the $420 investment (including the cost of the case & screen protectors).

Do you have a Nook - in any variation? Have you had problems with it or B&N customer service?
Do you have a Kindle Fire, Nexus or iPad? What do you like or dislike about it?

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