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4 years ago

Starting two weeks ago, I experienced a series of things breaking. The first thing to break was my DVD player. First the battery in the remote died so in putting a battery on my list of things to pick up (which I forgot to get) when I went to turn the DVD player on manually it wouldnt turn on. Annoyances aside I realized the player was just shot, so I unplugged it and chucked it into the garbage.

I went online to see if I could swing by Walmart or Target to pick one up but my local Walmart was sold out (you can check inventory online). I then went on Targets website and some of the items I wanted were online only. I waited another day and after searching a number of different websites my boyfriend and I decided on an LG BP325W Blu-Ray player from Target. We ordered it online for $69 and it was shipped the following day. I also saved 2.0% cash back using my Ebates account. The player is no longer on sale but if youre interested, you can check it out here:

The blu ray player arrived the other day and we immediately set it up. It was SO simple just a plug to plug into the outlet and voila. Craziness since with all the other players Ive ever had they have to be plugged into the TV, etc. This one is pretty awesome because its WiFi enabled so we can watch YouTube videos from it, connect to Netflix from it (if I re-subscribe), and its also got a few other movie rental apps on it.

Weve played a few regular DVDs on it and the quality is stellar. Its so much clearer than a regular stand-alone DVD player. Were going to be picking up some Blu Ray discs soon to see how those look but were both really happy with our purchase so far.

Do you have a blu ray player at home or a regular DVD player?

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