Shannons LOTD Veggie-riffic Pizza

5 years ago

While in Boston yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to have lunch in the North End since it was about 6 minutes away from where were. Driving over, we found our staple parking spot on a side road (its hilarious every time we go we get the same spot in front of the same store). I made a detour at first because I saw the fruit market was alive and popping across the roadway, so I dragged my BF over there so I could get some fruits and vegetables. Well be eating fruits and vegetables with every meal for the next few days, but thats a-okay with me! Anyway, we ended up randomly picking a pizzeria to eat in and this time around we chose Ernestos Pizza. Its a very small pizza shop with about 5 tables along one wall and 3 two person tables on the other. The front has a glass casing (similar to the ones you see in a bakery) but its FILLED with every kind of pizza you can imagine. Sicilian, cheese, pepperoni, hot banana pepper, shrimp (yes, shrimp!), vegetable, mushroom, sausage, chicken, etc. Everything! What you see pictured is
ONE SLICE! It was a fourth of a large pie! Since mine was loaded with vegetables (broccoli, spinach, olives, breaded eggplant, tomatoes, and mushrooms it was $4.75. My boyfriend ordered his staple pepperoni and it was $4.00. We both ate one slice (well, I actually ate ¾s of my slice and ate the remainder after we walked around and went back to the car) and brought the other one home with us. Overall, it was delicious pizza and cheap for the North End! If youre ever in Boston and you want to check our Ernestos, their address is: 69 Salem Street Boston, MA 02113 and heres a link to their website:
What did you have for lunch today? What is your favorite topping(s) on pizza? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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