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4 years ago

The middle of last week, I received an e-mail from Sears/K-Mart advising that they placed an extra 10,000 points (a $10 value) onto my Shop Your Way Rewards Card. In case you are not aware, Sears and K-Mart (they`re owned by the same company) have a store reward card where for every dollar you spend you get a point. Those points then translate to a cash value and can rack up on your card for a specific period of time before they expire. Typically when you have a balance on your card, you`ll receive an e-mail advising that you have X-amount of points on your card that are expiring by such-and-such a date. I went online and checked my balance and found I had right under $12 available on my card. So off to K-Mart I went while doing my errands run on Saturday.

I originally went in looking for a pair of loafers and the ONLY pair in the store in my size & this style was broken. By broken, I mean it looked like an elephant had stepped on it. No seriously, the shoe was split on both sides, the sole of the shoe was in pieces and it was seriously stretched out. I was like uhmmm? So off to hunt for a different pair of shoes (I`ve had luck with K-Mart shoes because they have a lot of wide selections!) and I stumbled upon black and <strong>PINK!</strong> sneakers for $9.99 on sale for the week. I was SO flabbergasted that they had an 11W in black and pink. I have been hunting down pink sneakers for the longest time but since my feet are wide I could never find a pair that fit comfortably. I tried these on and they fit perfectly. I figured I could wear these to the gym - particularly zumba since these are lightweight. Since I`m dancing like a clown, I don`t need clown shoes (i.e. my regular sneakers which weigh me down in zumba).

They`re not name brand or anything (and I typically only buy Nike) but I was SO excited these were pink I didn`t care what they said or who they were made by. I paid absolutely <em>nothing</em> for these sneakers! I also bought 3 1L bottles of flavored sugar free lemonades and paid 37 cents for them. Score!

Are you a Shop Your Way Rewards card member?

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