Shannons DOTN Rice Ball Casserole amp Caesar Salad

5 years ago

This is my dinner of the night! This actually is my sprucing up of leftovers to re-invent them just slightly so it didnt feel like I was having the same thing for dinner. I went ahead and made a Rice Ball Casserole for dinner the other night
/viz/shannons-dotn--italian-rice-ball-casserole. Since we had some leftovers, I heated a slice up for both my boyfriend and I, but added some spaghetti sauce to the top of it. Typically when I eat fried rice balls, I like them with lots of sauce, so this made it more authentic for me. As a side, I paired this up with a Caesar salad. My boyfriend whipped together the salad for me. I actually picked up one of those salad kits which come with garlic croutons, light Caesar salad dressing and romaine lettuce. He added in some white onion and sliced plum tomato then mixed all of it together. I really enjoy those salad kits because the salad is fresh and its really easy to prepare. I typically dont eat Caesar dressing, so it was a nice twist and it played off the rice ball casserole well.
What did you have for dinner today? Do you like to re-invent your leftovers, even with minor alterations to make them a bit more spruced up? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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