Shannons DOTN Italian Rice Ball Casserole

5 years ago

This is my dinner of the night! The next town over, there is a small business that sells Italian dishes, primarily just rice balls and crispellis. Rice balls are something Ive eaten for a very long time, but sadly they are not healthy for you whatsoever. They basically are a ball of rice, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. Its not all rice though! In the very middle there is meat and vegetables and sometimes cheese depending on where you purchase your rice ball. Typically its chicken, peas, cheese and a little bit of sauce. Sometimes its hamburger, peas and sauce. After the ball is deep fried, its placed in a container with sauce on the side or on top of it for you to eat and enjoy together. Since Ive been trying out new recipes to help boost my weight loss into gear again, I found a recipe on one of my new recipe websites. I admit I did not follow the recipe to a T, but I did end up following the general gist of the recipe. Heres what I did for my rice ball casserole: I sprayed a frying pan with Pam, then put in a diced up medium onion, followed by 1.3 pounds of 93% lean ground beef. I seasoned the beef up with salt, pepper, hamburger seasoning and minced garlic. I cooked it through, then drained the meat thru a strainer. I returned it back to the pan, added in my frozen peas and half a can of Carolina herb tomato sauce. I sprinkled some garlic powder over it and stirred it up. I had 4 cups of cooked brown rice from the other day that I put in a large bowl, added 1/3 cup of egg beaters, the remaining half a can of tomato sauce and some Italian seasoning and mixed it together. I took out my large lasagna pan, sprayed the bottom with Pam and layered a little more than half of my rice mixture to the bottom of the pan. I should have used a little smaller of a pan to make the bottom layer thicker, but it was good nonetheless. I then added in all my meat and pea mixture, and then layered the remaining rice over the top of the meat. I then sprinkled 4 tablespoons of seasoned breadcrumbs over the top of the rice mixture, then covered the top of that with 1 cup of Sargento reduced fat four-cheese blend. I covered the pan with foil and baked in the oven at 325 for 20 minutes, then took the foil off and let it bake off for 15 more minutes and took the tray out and let it rest. I then cut it up in 8 equal pieces and served. It really was tasty! Since I have leftovers, itll be lunch for the boyfriend and I, but I will be opening a small can of tomato sauce and adding a tablespoon to the top of mine tomorrow to make it a little moister. Overall, a great meal and a nice twist!
Have you ever had rice balls? Would you try making your own rice ball casserole at home? Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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