Shannon`s DOTD - Mini Meatloaf, Herb Roasted Potato Wedges amp Steamed Broccoli

5 years ago

This is my absolutely DELICIOUS dinner of the day! I told my boyfriend I was going to make meatloaf and potato wedges, but I didn`t tell him what kind. My boyfriend is very supportive of me following Weight Watchers and will try out new recipes for foods that I want to try (as long as it`s not cheesy or loaded with spinach or he won`t touch it). We don`t always eat a `Weight Watcher` menu - heaven knows my boyfriend doesn`t need to lose any weight, we eat a large variety of foods, but tonight I wanted some comfort food since it`s been snowing and this was right up my alley. Plus it was a new twist from the way I make my traditional meatloaf. I followed a recipe card I received at a Weight Watchers open house - which I included a picture of in case any of you want to recreate this on your own. The only thing I changed was I used red bell pepper because it`s what I had in the house and I added a little more black pepper and salt since those are two spices I enjoy. Hands down, this was one of the
BEST meatloaf`s I have had in a VERY long time! My boyfriend even said the same thing and he was not just being polite ;). Since I followed the recipe as stated, I had 6 loaves, so I made a plate for my mother. The leftovers will be for tomorrow since my boyfriend will be watching the Pat`s game (which means, I`ll end up watching while playing on the internet) so this will be our meal tomorrow while the games on. As a side, I made some herb roasted potato wedges which were PHENOMENAL! As stated above, it was another Weight Watcher inspired recipe which I had never made before. The only thing I altered in this recipe was I increased the amount of potato to 1 1/2 pounds and then added another half of the ingredients listed. I also included minced garlic and a little bit of water into my mixture before tossing the potatoes into it. I actually baked these for 20 minutes at 350 along with my meatloaves, when the meatloaves were done I turned over the potatoes and put the temp up to listed 425 -- but next time if I don`t cook them at 425 alone, I`m going to cook them at 350 for a little longer. I ended up overcooking mine just a tad, but it only made them a little crunchier which I like because I enjoy french fries well-done! If you`re interested in trying these at home, the recipe is here: I paired this along side some fresh steamed broccoli that I wanted to use up.
A lot of people assume Weight Watcher meals are packaged foods or diet food, they`re not. These are regular meals that people love, just made in a way that`s point friendly. I can have a regular slice of grandma`s meatloaf, it`s just going to be point heavier than the one mentioned and shown above. I have made desserts and meals before, not telling those eating it, it was a Weight Watcher recipe and they`ve loved it and raved about it - then their opinions changed on the program all together. So there you have it, my dinner of the day!
What did you have for dinner today? Do you enjoy comfort foods on cold days/nights? Have you ever had a Weight Watcher inspired food item? What were your thoughts? If not, would you make something like the meatloaf or potato wedges above? Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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