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4 years ago

As I mentioned in my Nook HD post that I wasnt happy with my experience and ended up returning my device. I then ordered the Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 online and it was on backorder for a number of weeks. I originally ordered the fuchsia case BUT that was on backorder even longer than the Kindle Fire and I didnt want to get the Kindle and not have a case for it. There were only 2 colors in stock at the time of order this Honey case being one. Since yellow is my favorite color I decided to go with that. In person it looks more of a mustard shade but Ill live with it. I also purchased the plug-in charging unit. The Kindle comes with a USB charging cord only so to make things easier on me I decided to pick up the plug so I could charge the kindle while I was using it in bed. I also ordered screen protectors but I found out they were on backorder FOREVER! I e-mailed the seller and they apologized, credited my account and told me as a courtesy once they did come in stock theyd send me the product free of charge. I did end up purchasing a set from Amazon and they came in a day or two after my Kindle arrived.

I will say the case was expensive it was $54.99 and the charging unit was $9.99 and the screen protectors (not pictured) were $20. So the accessories alone were a pretty penny. And now they have a keyboard available for the 8.9 Fire AND I want that which is $99. But Ill wait on that purchase for now at least until the holidays are over and I see the credit card damage Ive created

Do you purchase accessories for your electronics on Amazon?

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