Shannons Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9!

4 years ago

This is my brand new baby and Im super excited to have it! I know I featured a post a while back about getting a Nook HD but after having trouble after trouble with the shop and customer service not being able to assist me (until I WENT to the store to return it they figured out what the problem was). But at that point my mind was made up I wanted the Kindle Fire HD.

I ordered it online but I opted to upgrade to the 32GB. My boyfriend paid for the 8.9 16GB but since I wanted the upgrade I paid the additional like $60 for the extra space. Its probably unnecessary to have all that space, but hey, I figured rather be safe than sorry. When I ordered (the end of November) the device was on backorder for an estimated 3 weeks. It came back into stock earlier than that estimated time-frame so I was excited about that.

The great thing with Amazon is since I have an account with them, I advised that the device would be mine so when it arrived it was already synced to my Amazon account. It had some of the books I had downloaded onto it from my cell phones Kindle app. All I did was download the apps for Twitter, Facebook, Redbox, etc., link them to my accounts add my e-mail address and I was good as gold.

If you sign up for Amazon Prime (its a yearly $79 subscription) you are given 2-day shipping on any product purchased from the Amazon store without having to meet the $25 minimum. You also get a significant discount for any item to be purchased which youd require overnight delivery (for instance, I had to get a last minute Christmas gift and paid $3.99 for overnight shipping which was then refunded since it was not delivered the next day). With Prime you get to borrow books from other Kindle users (I still havent figured this out yet) and you also get to stream movies for free from the Prime library. This feature came in handy when I was watching my 3 ½ year old niece who was maneuvering through my Kindle watching videos better than her aunt knows how. I found Strawberry Shortcake so I put that on and she was in her glory.

I cannot speak enough good things about my Kindle Fire. I absolutely love it! Its got fabulous picture quality to watch movies, YouTube videos, etc. The backlight doesnt bother my eyes to read books on it. Its great to kill time playing games like Angry Birds, etc. It has a very nice e-mail set up for me to quickly go through my e-mails, etc. Overall I absolutely LOVE this thing!

The one accessory I think I am going to end up purchasing overtime is the Bluetooth enabled keyboard. This wasnt available when I purchased my Fire but its now being recommended by Amazon for purchases. I may get that one or get another one off Ebay, but I think a keyboard would make this only so much better. I cant say Im the biggest fan of typing on a touch screen so any way to incorporate a keyboard into it is a-okay in my book. Nonetheless I strongly suggest thing for anyone whos in the market for a tablet/e-reader. Great product!

Do you have an e-reader/tablet? If so, what do you have?

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