Shannons $25 Samsung Galaxy S3!

4 years ago

This new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone was a blessing that needed to happen STAT! The greatest part? I picked this phone up at Staples because it was on sale for $149. If I traded in a working smartphone I would get $50 off my bill instantly. So I brought in an old first edition LG smartphone (you know the ones with the keyboards inside them?) Dropped the price down to $99. I then got a Staples $50 rebate printed with my receipt, bringing the price down to $49. I then got a $25 Staples rebate (I wasnt aware of this) for a $25 Google Play gift card so its really like I got my new phone for $24!

I was out of my contract with my service provider for over a year. I was using a Droid X and I can undoubtedly say the phone was possessed. It did what it wanted, turned off when it wanted, wouldnt let me call people (I mean, it finally would after 5 minutes of trying and getting aggravated), wouldnt let me answer calls (theyd go to voicemail and my Google voice app stopped working so I couldnt listen to voicemails), it would CALL people without me calling them, I would hit the home button and it would take a picture of whatever was in front of me (LOL), I would go to take a picture and the phone would shut off. It was SERIOUSLY a mess. The last 2 weeks I had it I was so frustrated I was going to dunk it into a glass of water and call it a day.

Even with all these issues and annoyances, I was hesitant to get a new phone because I had an old contract with allowed for me to have unlimited data. Upgrading my phone meant I had to forfeit my unlimited data and pay per the GB (which means my bill will now be higher each month). But unlimited data gone and a slightly higher bill means no headaches!

I cant brag enough how happy I am with my new purchase. My new phone has been amazing. Its fast, its gorgeous and I love it so! I do admit it came with a slight learning curve (Im still figuring it out) but overall I am really happy with it. It did take me about 2-weeks to find out how you shut it off (LOL!) but nonetheless I am in love. I dont know why I waited so long to upgrade.

If youre interested in getting a Galaxy S3 take my advice: shop around! They come in a variety of colors: Brown, Black, Blue and White. They also come in a 16 GB and 32GB.

Are you due for an upgraded cell phone? If not are you lusting after a particular phone?

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