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4 years ago

I`m Shanghainese though most people mistaken me as Cantonese or Korean mixed Japanese, not sure why.

Anyways, here`s a traditional cold dish that we usually serve before dinner, which is like an appetizer. Traditionally its cold, but when you eat at Cantonese/Shanghainese restaurants, they will serve it warm.

It`s called Kofu (). In Cantonese, you pronounce it as "Hao Fu". If you pronounce it in Shanghainese, it sounds like "Cough-UH".

It`s a very popular dish made with wheat gluten pieces. The wheat gluten pieces are boiled and marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and honey, giving it a savory and sweet taste. Then it is stir-fried alongside lima beans, bean sprouts, black fungus, sometimes carrots and burdock root with more of the savory sweet sauce.

Then it is left to chill in the fridge.

The wheat gluten will be very soft and moist and retains flavor very well. It`s exceptionally juicy. The carrots and beansprouts provide a nice crunch to the dish as well as the lima beans. The black fungus helps to add some earthy flavor to the dish as well as soak up some of the sauce. It provides a very leafy and slippery texture to the dish.

Mostly, this is a vegetarian dish though I do know some places, though rare, will add some pork to it.

Have you guys tried this?

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