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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

Not too far from my place there is a restaurant called Shanghai restaurant. You guessed it, it serves Shanghai food. i`m not too sure how traditional it is because i`m not from shanghai... but they are AWESOME

First up is a dish that has loads of mushrooms and bamboo slices all wrapped up in a tofu skin kind of`s already sliced for your convenience, It`s served cold so it`s very refreshing as you can imagine the crispy bamboo with soft mushroom.

The second dish is also cold served and it`s chicken.. with a lot of alocohol. well not a LOT of alcohol but basically the sauce is alcohol and it`s not cooked either so i was very careful not to eat too much as i was driving.

Third dish is a fried pancake, it has chives and garlic in it, it`s SUPER oily. I couldn`t eat much of this, my mouth was filled with oil, but everyone else seemed to love it. It was indeed nice and fluffy though.

Last dish that we tried was called "little dragon dumping" (translated from Chinese) and it`s supposed to be a dumpling that when you pick up from the top, it`s supposed to dangle down like a pouch. The juice and meat inside was very hot and didn`t break out of the pastry until you bit into. It was ok, i`ve had better.

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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