What is a manicurist?If you enjoy working with your hands, and consider yourself a "people person," a career as a manicurist may be right for you. Providing one of the fastest-growing specialties in the world of cosmetology, a manicurist is a licensed nail technician who cleans, trims, and polishes fingernails for a living. They can also provide nail extensions as well as pedicures, which involve the same process to beautify toenails.

However, the role of a manicurist extends beyond glamorizing fingers and toes. At many salons, it`s the manicurist who removes unwanted hair from a client`s face, legs, bikini area or arms by using waxes, tweezers or depilatories. A manicuring table holds many nail sculpting and finishing tools, including polishes, files, emery boards and cuticle knives, so a clean work space and attention to detail is important. Giving a manicure involves several steps from start to finish, and most manicurists are well-organized with their tools - and their time.

What are the requirements to become a manicurist?To become a licensed manicurist, you must be at least sixteen years old, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and complete a course in manicuring from a licensed cosmetology school (minimum requirements can vary by state). Required hours also vary by state, and can run between 200 and 600 hours (about three months), and usually involve a combination of classes and hands-on training.

Visit the State Beauty License Requirements page to find the required number of hours to become a nail technician in your state. We recommend you contact the licensing department for the state you`re interested in to verify if there have been any changes in programs or required hours.

What can a manicurist expect to earn?Once the training is complete and a licensing exam is passed, the Bureau of Labor states manicurists can expect to make from $17,760 to $30,600 a year, but salaries vary. Some salons offer commission on product sales and bonuses to manicurists who bring in new clients.

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