Seven year old using Medical Marijuana

The Oregonian had a provocative story this weekend about a mother who gives her 7-year-old daughter medical marijuana to quell effects of the girls chemotherapy treatments for leukemia. The mother says marijuana is a wonder drug for the girl; her dad called Child Protective Services.

Like Oregon, Washington has no age limit for medical marijuana. Unlike Oregon, Washington doesnt have a patient registry, so theres no telling how many kids here hold a doctors recommendation for medical marijuana. (In Oregon, there are 52.)

Ive privately heard about a few parents who agonize, then choose to give their kid medical marijuana to treat severe illnesses (theyve also opted to not go public, to protect their kid, and, I suspect, themselves from mommy-shaming). The few public stories about parents giving medical marijuana to their kids such as this father in Yakima who ended up facing felony charges arent flattering.

What a miserable choice: Give your child a medicine that has been linked to slower brain development in adolescent users (and suffer the condemnation)? Or withhold a treatment you believe may ease your childs suffering?

What do you think?

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