Seven Piercings Most Self-Pierced!

Since I was rather young, I was interested in piercings such as the cartilage and nose. I grew up in a family that did not even want me to have my lobes pierced. Certain events led me to getting my ears pierced in early 2005. After 2005, I really started loving all kinds of piercings. Since I was little, I always really thought the cartilage piercing was the coolest thing ever, so in the beginning of 2011 I asked my parents for it to be pierced as a birthday present, they said yes. Of course since they didn`t even really want me to have those piercings, I stopped asking for more piercings.

When late 2012 came around, I pierced my double lobes and right side of my lip... my lobes remained pierced, but instead of having something more noticeable to hide from my parents I took my lip piercing out and let it close up. In late 2013, I got really upset and pierced my nose, a couple months went by and pierced my septum. Come early 2014, I pierced my third lobes. Later in 2014, I pierced my belly button, smiley, and helix. I decided to take my belly button and smiley out due to work though.

So as of now, I have seven piercings and this what they are;
Ear lobes
Double lobes
Third lobes
Nose piercing

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