Seven Foods To Burn FAT amp Get Your Metabolism GOING!

5 years ago

Get ready to say hello to the hot weather...Show off those shoulders off, bare your tummy and get ready for bikini season!....While most of us are literally cringing on the hot weather coming, hence hitting up the beach in a bikini, smaller clothing options, realize that there are a few foods which we can eat to help us keep that weight off and get our metabolism going.....

Eat these metabolism-boosting foods and drinks to your shopping list, and you`ll score a leaner and sexier bod......These 7 foods, which most of us mostly eat on a daily basis are foods which we should eat to get that metabolism going.....So run to the grocery store and stock up on these easy foods to eat!

Chicken Breast

I literally have chicken at least twice a week...It taste yummy, and best of all its the ultimate wonder food to help you ditch the weight.....Want muscle mass, and to help burn calories?..Chicken is full of protein and it will help do that.......It will help you more efficiently burn calories.....It will help you feel fuller longer, because it takes long to digest.... Just make sure that you take the perfect serving size, which is the size of a computer mouse or a deck of cards....

However, don`t throw a ton of sauce on it, when making the chicken prepare it right..Make the chicken light....Don`t fry it, and of course garnish it with the right things.....Otherwise that can totally ruin the purpose...

Greek Yogurt

This is literally my favorite thing to eat or snack on during the day...I usually have a greek yogurt for either breakfast or lunch or a snack...Its filling, and tastes amazing.....

Greek yogurt is full of Calcium consumed in tandem with an amino acid found in dairy products has been shown to burn fat. Consider it a fab excuse to add more yogurt, milk, and cheese to your meal plans. What makes Greek yogurt a standout dairy option is that it has more protein that the regular kind-so you boost the fat-burning benefits.

I absolutely love Chobani yogurt! Try it out its amazing! You can add fruit or granola to it, instantly amazing..Oh and best of all it makes a great desert!

Green Tea

This is the greatest way to loose weight! Really! Have a glass or two a day, and you will see a difference!

Having two to four cups of fresh brewed green tea daily can help you burn about an extra 50 calories a day....It has nutrients linked to increased metabolism and a smaller waistline.


If I am not having my greek yogurt, I will sometimes (if I have time) have some egg whites...They are filling, and the perfect meal to start your morning with......Scramble up to two eggs for breakfast,it`s a fat-melting morning meal. Eggs are loaded with protein, which will keep you fill longer (like chicken)...Best yet, you will eat less during the day, because you will be fuller longer, especially when you eat it in the morning....

Cold Water

During the day, I literally full up a liter of bottle water, and keep it at my desk..So during the day I will have 2 liters, and at the gym about another liter and a half...This helps me keep track of how much I am drinking, as well as allows me to make sure I drink a lot......The colder the better, and it easily fills me up if I am getting hungry....

You`ve probably heard the tip to drink water when you`re hungry, in case the pangs you`re feeling are actually thirst. Well, here`s another reason to down the H2O: When you drink ice water, your body actually expends energy, warming the water up to your natural temperature.

Chili Pepper

This one I really don`t eat because I hate spicy, anything really spicy..However now I may try to deal with it if it will help my metabolism.....

Capsaicin, the ingredient that gives chili peppers their fiery kick, can also fire up your fat-burning furnace. Order more hot curries and other spicy dishes when you eat out, or just add a tablespoon of chopped chilis to your meals at home.


How many of these can we literally eat without even realizing it!....But lets be thankful that they are actually a good thing to eat!......They have the perfect balance of healthy fat, protein, and fiber, and together they rev your metabolism and keep you feeling satisfied... About 50 pistachios equals one serving, so don`t feel soo guilty about eating some...

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