Seven Easy Steps To Lose Weight By Not Eating Meat!!!

5 years ago

Since Lent season has started every Friday I can`t eat meat. Boohoo! I`ve decided to do some research on what it would be like to give up meat period. I`m not planing to, but reading this was quite interesting!

People (vegetarians) who eat less meat seem to have less calories. Cutting out the juicy meat can definitely help you in the long run! The key is to reduce meat and think there are other ways you can handle your situation. That`s including changing your lifestyle!

Step 1: Avoid eating meat on Mondays!
A great way to lower your meat intake!

Step 2: Cut these following processed meats before you start your diet. Meats including sausages, hamburgers, ham & bacon. Too much salt and fat are included which will definitely make you gain weight!

Step 3: Get rid all of the meat you have in your apartment, house. Not seeing meat lying around will help you!

Step 4: Stop snacking on the fat stuff that includes cheese, buttered bread!

Step 5: You can eat meat, but Vegetarian sausages and burgers makes great substitution. Soy food mimic the flavors! Some Veggies burgers, sausages do contains a lot of salt!

Step 6: Fish & Poultry are great for your diet! They both lowered in saturated fats then Red meat.

Step 7: Without meat another great way to eat healthy are beans, chickpeas, nuts, walnuts and seeds. Nuts & Seeds are great for snacking!

I hope you enjoy these basic tips!

1. Are you a Vegetarian!? How many years?
2. What`s your favorite healthy food?

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