Sesame Ice cream?

4 years ago

Yummy!!! Sesame ice cream is sooooo good!! It sounds pretty gross and I thought it was pretty weird until my friend recommended me to get some.

After that day, I went with my parents to get some sushi and I coincidentally found the sesame ice cream on the menu. I was like... MOM CAN I TRY THIS PLEASE!!! She said yes. After our delicious sushi dishes, we ordered our Sesame dessert. I was so surprised to see how beautiful the dessert came out. It looked so nice and simple. It was one scoop of sesame ice cream, orange colored mochi, and a chocolate syrup.
My first bite was amazing! The ice cream had a very strong sesame taste and the chocolate syrup complimented it pretty well. The ice cream wasn`t too sweet (which is good :D) and drinking tea with it is AWESOME!!!
I hope all of you try this ice cream! If you are allergic to sesame please do not get this :I try something else mmkay? :D

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