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5 years ago

Hello girls,
today`s post is about hair. Some time ago I cut my cabelito regrets because he was a full of split ends and very spoiled. As I have wavy hair and very thin, when I leave to air dry, has no definition and it seems I have a mane. So whenever I have to wash or stretch the dryer or straightener. Even using heat protectant, my hair is feeling and begins to sprout and become dull very quickly.

Cm and a good cut when I left the hairdresser told myself I had to find a product to help me prevent split ends and my hair regeneration. After much searching, I decided to try the repair serum d `The Apothecary with Fitoqueratina and Cherry.

The serum is a refreshing spa native serum to the ends that promises to condition and protect our hair from root to tip. According to The Apothecary "prevents and repairs damage caused by brushing effect besides providing antifrizz. Reduces by two times the amount of split ends, leaving hair softer and shiny." It has a creamy texture and smell of cherry leaves a very good hair.

This product is a wonderful girl. I`m using it since September and have noticed a tremendous difference in my hair. In addition to notice that I have so many split ends, I notice that my hair is stronger, healthier and beautiful. To see how the product results, I took some pictures. The result speaks for itself, having stretched my hair to comb and put a small amount of product in the hair, and as you can see, my hair is automatically look more healthy. And if we apply this serum when we wash her hair in the long run will notice a significant improvement in your hair.

Normally I apply the product with the hair is dry, but a second Girls The apothecary shop where I go, we can also apply to wet hair. After drying the hair and comb it, put a nut product in hand, spread well and apply on hair. First at tip, which is where we need more protection, and the rest put product all over hair. This product is not oily or greasy hair makes it even stranger-looking, however, we should not put too close to the root.

I started using the product after having my hair cut, and I think only that way can see results. If your hair is already damaged, it may help but the result is not so good. Thus, I advise you to cut your hair, but the tips and then invest in a good serum tips.

At the moment the product is priced at 9.90, which is great if we compare with other products of its kind. For me it has an excellent value for money and really work on my hair.

And you girls have tried this product? What do you think of it?

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