4 years ago

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Seriously luuux? what the heck happened?! the new shop prices and items are just horrendous! the sigma ultimate beauty package is 111,000!!! it used to be 19,000! theres no more clarisonic mia, uggs or macbook or dslrs! what happened and why did you do this?! do you know youre making it harder for us to earn luuux?! this isnt a good idea at all! youre losing people and people are losing luuux cuz theyre deleting their accounts! you need to LISTEN TO US. we dont like this! you need to up the rate of how much luuux WE EARN. STOP MAKING THE PRICES IN THE STORE HIGHER! the fact that we have to pay shipping now(especially by credit card) IS FREAKING STUPID! im seiously thinking about leaving now because this is just ridiculous!

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